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The story of my Antonio Picado model 60 guitar


Many Wise People point out, that it depends on personal sonic preferences. And it is possible for really good player to make most if not all good guitar to sound “Spanish” . So such search may be a kind of never-ending story, and, when one of contemporary top luthiers - my virtual friend James Frieson, who has kindly helped me a lot by sharing his knowledge and giving me his priceless advices (thank you, Jim !), titled one of his letter to me: ”Onwards Rocinante” I felt encouraged by these words to continue my search. Well, with my deep respect and full understanding of many different opinions and after test playing a number of different guitars I found some of them sounding more “Spanish” in my ears then others.My own benchmark for the guitar with the sound that I look for has been for years the very good Jose Ramirez 1A, that many years ago I had a chance of playing. Today I do not take under serious consideration search for 1A, as the older models are known of high action and long scale thus are rather demanding, and my fingers are not as operational as before. The other aspect is this of a financial matter. And I do not need now big volume, I do not play loud, just in privacy of my apartment for myself, my wife and grandson.

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Post questions about playing flamenco guitar.

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