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Anyone recommend any Guitar Makers in Spain?

Looking to buy a performance flamenco guitar, I have saved a bit of cash and would like to buy one from a reputable luthier in Spain, anyone go through this process before?

Talked to a local broker who sold some from his home, I guess he buys them and has them shipped over... Should I just buy it from the broker or go through the process of having one made and shipped over to the U.S.?

Anyone have experience with this?

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Djard - 2 weeks ago
In 2003, I visited a good number of flamenco luthiers. By far the most responsive instruments I played there were those of Pedro Maldonado in Torremolinos: they vibrated against my chest as if live, and the tone/sustain was excellent. Since that experience, I miss the "live" feel. And I have a 1973 Gerundino, 1969 Arcangel Fernandez/Barbero (hijo), and 1941 Ramirez in my collection.

Watch out for Gerundino fakes. He was a friend of mine, and the last guitar he made was a black famenco in 1976. He stopped making guitars after his beloved wife passed away.

I would recommend a 65 cm scale for a low tension instrument or 65.5 cm for the standard. Make sure the grain in the tapa is narrow in the middle an and perpendicular in the cross section that matures best (visible at soundhole).

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Post questions about playing flamenco guitar.

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