• What is the best metronome?

    Hello Flamenco Lovers,

    What is the best metronome if you are concerned about keeping your falseta in time if you play the guitar? I have these options now

    1 Oscar Herrero Flamenco Metronome
    2 A app for iphone, ipod touch like Beat Vibe or ZuloLabs
    4 Or a app for Ipad like graf-martinez cajon loops for garageband ipad
    5 ??? (someting else)

    I don't have a Iphone, Ipod or Ipad at this moment but the Oscar Herrero Flamenco Metronome is about 300 euro in the netherlands and the Ipod touch 4 8gb is around 150 euro and ipad2 16 gb 450 euro. I want to take it with me that is importent for me! What is the best choise? Let me know your best options!

    Greetings Mike