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Flamenco in Vancouver...

“Volver” was performed at the Masonic Temple, but the rest of the program, October 3 -7, is at the LSPU Hall, with 8 p.m. curtain. (“Volver” now tours the province and Williams and Harding will lead workshops in Gander and Corner Brook.) The Festival resumes on October 3 with “Solitudes Duo” from Daniel Léveillé. There are also window dances, in free view to all passers-by, at Johnny Ruth and The Rocket Bakery, both on Water Street, October 6. NDW Executive Director Calla Lachance promises the schedule includes “a really interesting mix, with lots of beautiful creative ideas.”

For more information see http://festivalofnewdance.ca


Joan Sullivan review: Fiery flamenco heats Festival of New Dance | The Telegram

The Festival of New Dance, the 28th (wow) annual showcase of contemporary dance from across the prov...

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