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Ketama Herencia Flamenca

I just finished watching Ketama Herencia Flamenca a movie broadcast on TVE and it was AMAZING! Every once and a while I complain about paying extra for Sling extended channel package but then times when my DVR actually records something like this it makes it very well worth it.

The Flamenco Clan Herencia Flamenca

Amazing! If you are a Ketama fan, and who isn't right? Then you need to get your hands on this movie!

Ketama Herencia Flamenca is a great documentary about the Habichuela family and explains so many details about the roots of the family in flamenco. I got listen to Juan Habichuela explain his difficult migration to Madrid Spain when he became of age, leaving his Mother and Father behind in Granada with hopes of a brighter future performing in the bigger city. You get first hand the struggles of Juan Habichuela rising from a humble family to become an icon in Flamenco and setting the stage for everyone in his family and extended family.

El Camborio Juan Carmona also explains the birth of Ketama as he takes you to the very place where many of the songs where written and developed as well as where the group was formed. Interviews with Antonio Carmona and Jose Miguel Carmona further explain the early struggles of travel and performing in Ketama.

The highlight of the whole movie was seeing Pepe Habichuela as he really is. Pepe Habichuela has a very intense look about him in playing and pictures as a person though he is very comedic, animated and energetic which was a pleasant surprise. Pepe Habichuela goes on to explain how he pulled the young boys together, taught them how to play, kept them out of trouble and would eventually go on to perform and become Ketama. Even though Juan Habichuela was the first to venture forth Pepe Habichuela contributed significantly to the molding of Ketama and is a stronghold in the Habichuela family.

The rest of movie is filled with endless scenes of festivities, juergas and priceless footage of a major piece of what Flamenco is today. Check your local listings to see if it is scheduled to broadcast its definetly worth watching! If you do not have the ability to watch this through cable or satilite you can purchase the DVD on Amazon.com it english title is Flamenco Clan or you can visit the official site.

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