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Anyone recommend any Guitar Makers in Spain?

Looking to buy a performance flamenco guitar, I have saved a bit of cash and would like to buy one from a reputable luthier in Spain, anyone go through this process before?

Talked to a local broker who sold some from his home, I guess he buys them and has them shipped over... Should I just buy it from the broker or go through the process of having one made and shipped over to the U.S.?

Anyone have experience with this?

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Favorite Tangos for Guitar Warm Up?

Currently listening to Radio Tarifa, on their album Fiebre they have a pretty nice tango called Tangos Del Agujero. Helps warm up my mind and hands to practice tangos...

I also like Tu Camisita De Flores by Duquende, has some interesting changes and it's a bit more challenging...

Again the idea here is just to get the mind and hands warmed up...

So what's your favorite tangos song to warm up to?

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The story of my Antonio Picado model 60 guitar


Many Wise People point out, that it depends on personal sonic preferences. And it is possible for really good player to make most if not all good guitar to sound “Spanish” . So such search may be a kind of never-ending story, and, when one of contemporary top luthiers - my virtual friend James Frieson, who has kindly helped me a lot by sharing his knowledge and giving me his priceless advices (thank you, Jim !), titled one of his letter to me: ”Onwards Rocinante” I felt encouraged by these words to continue my search. Well, with my deep respect and full understanding of many different opinions and after test playing a number of different guitars I found some of them sounding more “Spanish” in my ears then others.My own benchmark for the guitar with the sound that I look for has been for years the very good Jose Ramirez 1A, that many years ago I had a chance of playing. Today I do not take under serious consideration search for 1A, as the older models are known of high action and long scale thus are rather demanding, and my fingers are not as operational as before. The other aspect is this of a financial matter. And I do not need now big volume, I do not play loud, just in privacy of my apartment for myself, my wife and grandson.

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Flamenco guitar videos or books?

Youtube has been a good resource, does anyone recommend a good video, book or online flamenco guitar lessons?

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Flamenco, not FLAMINGO... Cost this guy $7000 in prizes on Wheel of Fortune...

So a contestant pronounced the winning phrase incorrectly on wheel of fortune and missed out on over $7000 in prizes...

Winning Phrase: Flamenco Dance Lessons

What he said: FLAMINGO Dance Lessons



Flamenco Dance Lessons | Wheel of Fortune - YouTube


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Video: Adam del Monte performs an amazing Guajira

I have known Adam for many years, and year after year he just gets better...

Sharing his latest video release of him perming a Guajira called Aires Habanos...



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Solea performed in honor of Pepe Habichuela by Adam del Monte

Brilliant Flamenco guitarist Adam del Monte performs in honor of Pepe Habichuela's 60th anniversary celebration...

Adam is one of the greats who has consistently over time played true to the roots of Flamenco...



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PACO DE LUCÍA - Bulería Alcazar de Sevilla 2001

PACO DE LUCÍA performs Bulería Alcazar de Sevilla circa 2001


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Handbuilt Flamenco guitars in Canada???

I'm in the market for a quality hand-built flamenco or flamenco - negra guitar.

Anybody know of a guitar builder in Canada who makes good flamenco guitars. And what should I expect to pay for a quality hand-made instrument.

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Juan Martin's flamenco methods

I'm a new member on this site so, first of all, I'd like to say hello to everyone.
So hello all!

Well, I have been playing flamenco for some years now, and I have enjoyed it very much so far.

I have learned almost everything I know from Juan Martin's flamenco methods. But not long ago, I read quite alot of stuff on the web saying Juan Martin's method has bad compas and easily makes you bad habits which will be hard to break.
I really like Flamenco and I think it would be a massive shame if I'd be learning it the wrong way right now.

So I was wondering, has any of you got some (negative?) experience using with Juan Martin's methods regarding bad habits or bad compas?

Thanks in advance!


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