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Looks like fun!

San Antonio's We Flamenco Fest Kicks Off This Weekend


San Antonio's We Flamenco Fest Kicks Off This Weekend

The origins of the modern flamenco dress trace back nearly two centuries to Seville’s Feria de Abril, where gypsy women wore inexpensive calico dresses accentuated...
San Antonio Current

In New Jersey and love Flamenco? Check out Barbara Martinez...

Flamenco Jazz Fusion with THE BARBARA MARTINEZ GROUP in Concert


LATIN JAZZ @ MONDO: Flamenco Jazz Fusion with THE BARBARA MARTINEZ GROUP in Concert

This exciting group will perform their special jazz fusion sound that has been gaining popular acclaim in NYC and beyond for the past few years. Vocalist and dancer Barbara Martinez will be joined on stage by accomplished musicians; guitarist Cristian Puig, pianist Gonzalo Grau and percussionist Guillermo Barron.

Flamenco in Vancouver...

“Volver” was performed at the Masonic Temple, but the rest of the program, October 3 -7, is at the LSPU Hall, with 8 p.m. curtain. (“Volver” now tours the province and Williams and Harding will lead workshops in Gander and Corner Brook.) The Festival resumes on October 3 with “Solitudes Duo” from Daniel Léveillé. There are also window dances, in free view to all passers-by, at Johnny Ruth and The Rocket Bakery, both on Water Street, October 6. NDW Executive Director Calla Lachance promises the schedule includes “a really interesting mix, with lots of beautiful creative ideas.”

For more information see http://festivalofnewdance.ca


Joan Sullivan review: Fiery flamenco heats Festival of New Dance | The Telegram

The Festival of New Dance, the 28th (wow) annual showcase of contemporary dance from across the province and across national borders and beyond, opened September 30, featuring Raíces y Alas Flamenco’s “Volver.”

Santa Barbara Flamenco Festival this weekend, who's going?


Gerald Carpenter: Flamenco Festival Kicks Up Its Heels This Weekend

Program features showing of film 'Flamenco Flamenco'

Nice write up, Flamenco in Vancouver!


Toque Flamenco opens the Harrison Season of Performing Arts

Vancouver-based Flamenco group brings experience, passion and skill to Harrison Memorial Hall
Agassiz Harrison Observer

Video: Adam del Monte performs an amazing Guajira

I have known Adam for many years, and year after year he just gets better...

Sharing his latest video release of him perming a Guajira called Aires Habanos...



"Aires Habanos" - Guajira by Adam del Monte

Aires Habanos - Guajira by Adam del Monte. Video production by Carlos Quintero and Dulce Carrizo. Guitar made by Erez Perelman.

Solea performed in honor of Pepe Habichuela by Adam del Monte

Brilliant Flamenco guitarist Adam del Monte performs in honor of Pepe Habichuela's 60th anniversary celebration...

Adam is one of the greats who has consistently over time played true to the roots of Flamenco...



"A Pepe Habichuela" - Soleá - by Adam del Monte

In honor of my Maestro Pepe Habichuela's 60th anniversary (3-5 October 2017) celebration I dedicate this Soleá to him with my love and gratitude. Gracias, Ma...

PACO DE LUCÍA - Bulería Alcazar de Sevilla 2001

PACO DE LUCÍA performs Bulería Alcazar de Sevilla circa 2001


PACO DE LUCÍA - Bulería Alcazar de Sevilla - Lugano 2001

http://tvpacodelucia.blogspot.com.es/ Bulería Alcazar de Sevilla interpretada por Paco de Lucía y su sexteto en el año 2001 durante su actuación en Lugano (S...

Handbuilt Flamenco guitars in Canada???

I'm in the market for a quality hand-built flamenco or flamenco - negra guitar.

Anybody know of a guitar builder in Canada who makes good flamenco guitars. And what should I expect to pay for a quality hand-made instrument.

Juan Martin's flamenco methods

I'm a new member on this site so, first of all, I'd like to say hello to everyone.
So hello all!

Well, I have been playing flamenco for some years now, and I have enjoyed it very much so far.

I have learned almost everything I know from Juan Martin's flamenco methods. But not long ago, I read quite alot of stuff on the web saying Juan Martin's method has bad compas and easily makes you bad habits which will be hard to break.
I really like Flamenco and I think it would be a massive shame if I'd be learning it the wrong way right now.

So I was wondering, has any of you got some (negative?) experience using with Juan Martin's methods regarding bad habits or bad compas?

Thanks in advance!


picado technique...nails or skin?

For the picado technique, are there any member out there that use the skin of the fingers rather than the nail, if that's possible? Or does the string always roll off the skin and hit the nail to play picado? Does using the skin give less contro ald make the picado slower?

What is the best metronome?

Hello Flamenco Lovers,

What is the best metronome if you are concerned about keeping your falseta in time if you play the guitar? I have these options now

1 Oscar Herrero Flamenco Metronome
2 A app for iphone, ipod touch like Beat Vibe or ZuloLabs
4 Or a app for Ipad like graf-martinez cajon loops for garageband ipad
5 ??? (someting else)

I don't have a Iphone, Ipod or Ipad at this moment but the Oscar Herrero Flamenco Metronome is about 300 euro in the netherlands and the Ipod touch 4 8gb is around 150 euro and ipad2 16 gb 450 euro. I want to take it with me that is importent for me! What is the best choise? Let me know your best options!

Greetings Mike

Gerardo Nunez online video flamenco guitar lessons

Looks like you can learn from Gerardo Nunez with online videos now...

Gerardo Nunez online flamenco guitar classes


LaSonantaClasses.com | Gerardo Nunez online flamenco guitar classes

Learn flamenco guitar from Gerardo Nunez. Gerardo highlights an enormous amount of techniques, exercises, scales and falsetas. He also demonstrates how to play seven compositions from his early and current repertoire.

Santa Barbara - Flamenco Festival

Looks like the Santa Barbara Flamenco Festival is kicking off this Thursday September 28 with a screening of "Flamenco Flamenco"...

Tickets and great seats still available!


Tickets to the opening night screening are $12.50 reserved seating; $10.50 for children 12 and under.

Tickets to Upclose are $52 (Section B), $72 (Section A), and $107 (VIP). Tickets to all festival events are available at the Lobero box office, 33 E. Canon Perdido St.; by phone, 963-0761; or online at:


Gerald Carpenter: Flamenco Festival Kicks Up Its Heels This Weekend

Program features showing of film 'Flamenco Flamenco'

Chambao - Pokito a Poko

Feels like a day for Chambao... one of my favorites... Pokito a Poko...


Chambao - Pokito a Poko

Vídeo oficial de Chambao de su tema 'Pokito A Poko'. Haz clic aquí para escuchar a Chambao en Spotify: http://smarturl.it/ChamSpot?IQid=ChamPaP Incluido en...